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Stripping and Customizing

Stripping Information

Stripping a jersey is a delicate process. When stripping a jersey each stitch must be removed by hand in order to not damage the jersey. In most cases the numbers "fall off" and the jersey is completed as ordered. However depending on the age of the jersey, number of times it has been washed, and how the numbers were originally applied dictates how your jerseys will react. In rare cases prior customizing leaves glue residue, coloration from bleeding dyes from the numbers/nameplate, or numerous holes from "over-stitching/embroidery". Unfortunately we are unable to determine these outcomes until the jersey has been physically manipulated. If this happens with your order, Exclusive Pro Sports will contact you with other options to complete your order.

Stripping typically costs $45 per jersey. This is a special order and can take 8-10 weeks. All strip orders are subject to a $5-$35 cleaning fee. If you are stripping a jersey prior to shipping and still need it cleaned, the cleaning fee is $5-$35. There are NO GUARANTEES for removing all discoloration or residue from jerseys. The rule of thumb is to send in your jersey the way you would like it cleaned when it comes back. We can use various solvents to try and remove heavy glue, but hard scrubbing by hand and washing works well. Also, applying heat to the garment will help make glue easier to remove.

DO NOT apply an iron directly to the garment, make sure to cover the garment with a towel or shirt first and treat it like a delicate cotton. Add just enough heat to warm and then try to peel off glue residue. If there is glue, residue, sun discoloration (usually not removable), or dyes left behind we must have the garment professionally cleaned for $15. Patches are $6.50 to strip. If you are only stripping a nameplate, it is $15, and $25-$30 for a new one depending on the length and style of the letters.

Sometimes jerseys we receive have been incorrectly customized initially and all of the letters are sewn to the jersey through the nameplate, not on the nameplate. This requires each letter be removed versus just stripping the nameplate. In this case, it is $25 to strip the nameplate. If the jersey does not utilize a nameplate and the letters are sewn directly to the garment, it is $25 to strip. If each layer of a number is sewn through the jersey it is $45, for both numbers and letters/nameplate it is $65.  If your jersey has been completed using adhesives and no stitching, there is nothing we can do.  This can be determined by inspecting the interior of the garment.  If there is not visible stitching inside the jersey, we cannot remove the numbers.

Some of the jerseys that are manufactured have sleeve/shoulder numbers applied before the jerseys are manufactured (usually only NFL). In this case, the shoulder must be taken apart and sewn back together. In order to not have visible threads within the jersey, we offer this service for an additional $20. If the jersey has been "auto-sewn" or "embroidered," it will be $45 for stripping. You can tell if your jersey has been embroidered because all customization layers will be stitched through the garment and there is "fuzzy" backing material on the inside of the jersey where the numbers have been stitched. Most embroidered jerseys are of popular players and have been completed Off Shore.

When sending in a jersey that is not current please provide any information that you may have. If you have pictures, baseball cards, etc. send them with your jersey. We have numerous archives of customizing so do not worry if you are unsure of what your team wore. Do not send valuable items. Exclusive Pro Sports is not liable for damages to jerseys while stripping. Customers assume responsibility and accept all costs associated with customizing.

If your jersey is "uncooperative" some frequently used alternatives are:

I would like my #85 Johnson turned into #14 Stewart.

-- Replace #85 with new #85 and add your name to the nameplate.

--Replace #85 with a number big enough to cover the old customizing, e.g. #88 would be a good choice, #11 would be a poor choice, add whatever name you would like.

--Replace old customizing with same, new customizing done to league specifications.

Customizing Information

Customizing costs can be found on each team/league's web page.