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ALL PRICING LISTED IS FOR CUSTOMIZING ONLY!!!!!! Due to high minimums EPS is no longer able to order jerseys from the jersey manufacturer's. The rule of thumb at EPS is that we can customize any jersey, from any team, from any year (no NFL). We remain heavily involved in the NFL, but cannot work with individuals per our agreement with the NFL and NFLPA.

Exclusive Pro launches Jersey Monster Sports!! Custom Jerseys for recreational use, schools, adult leagues, weddings, special events, and more. All jerseys are completed to the best EPS standards. Be the best dressed team in your favorite league.  Turnaround times vary greatly throughout the season.  Estimates are always subject to change without notice.  Spring is a great time to send in orders as production slows down.  Check out jersey pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Exclusive Pro Sports brings you custom designed t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more! Create your own school store to support your favorite team at

Exclusive Pro Sports specializes in the professional reproduction of authentic sports jerseys and customizing. We provide authentic sports jerseys and professional jersey customizing for teams, individuals, and wholesale. If you are looking to customize or purchase authentic sports jerseys we laser cut, heat press, and manual sew each garment to league specifications. At Exclusive Pro Sports we maintain contracts with the professional leagues so that your pro sports jerseys are an exact replication of the authentic sports jerseys worn by players on the field. Our numerous archives allow us to re-create current authentic jerseys names and numbers, as well as throwbacks, vintage jerseys, and any other team that desires customizing. We maintain stocks of tackle twill, felt, vinyl, heat transfers, and we possess the abilities of screenprinting and embroidery. At Exclusive Pro Sports we pride ourselves on Authenticity, Quality, and Fair Pricing.

We can customize jerseys, bags, robes, towels, t-shirts, and numerous other clothing items and otherwise. We sell customizing kits, patches, and can add lettering to previously owned jerseys.  EPS does NOT accept returns on custom product.

We are currently under construction for our new Web site and we have added numerous pictures. At EPS we are able to photograph about 1% of the jerseys going through production at any point. The rule of thumb at EPS is we can customize any jersey, from any team, from any year (depending on licensing agreements). So, if you don't find a price or picture you are looking for, contact us for a quote. We hope to eventually show a picture for all products produced.